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Our Leagues Enjoy:

  • 8 Week Seasons (14 regular season games, plus Playoffs)
  • Year round sand volleyball
  • Great competition
  • A place to meet new friends
  • Post-Game Activities
  • Junior's Programs and Tournaments
  • Full Restaurant
  • Beer Bar

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We are Utah's first indoor/outdoor sand court venue! We hope that if you enjoy sand volleyball, then you will join our leagues and tournaments. There is a place for every level of play and we will have lessons for beginners along the way.

We are dedicated to creating a fun venue that will grow the sand volleyball game here in the state of Utah.  

We offer volleyball leagues for 2v2 in single gender and coed, 4v4 coed, ranging in all levels of play from Open to Recreational.

We also offer a Junior's Program this summer that consists of Wednesday morning trainings for both girls and boys. We offer different age ranges and levels. We will also be providing Junior's Tournaments sponsored by USA Volleyball, AVP America, and P1440.

Registration is currently open for our 2v2 P1440 Juniors Tournament! Register here!

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