Divisions/ Rules

4v4 SandBar Divisions/ Rules Defined

Recreational division

Beginner to low intermediate level

B division

Intermediate to low advance level

BB division

Advanced/ Highest level offered in 4v4

What you get with Registration:

Guarantee of 14 Games (14 regular season games with at least 1 playoff match)

4v4 leagues SandBar shirt

SandBar Rules      

- 4v4 with at least 2 females and 2 males and 5 total players on the roster.  Need at least 3 total players to play each week

- Two games are to 21 (win by two with a cap at 23) Each game matters and will be recorded as just wins and losses

- Nets are set at Mens height

- Ball can be played off the net on a volley and on a serve

- Maximum of 3 hits per side

- Block does not count as a touch (except in BB)

- A ball hitting on the boundary line is in

- Ball must be played in between antennas

- It is legal to contact the ball with any part of the players body

- A player cannot block or attack a serve

- It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the ball

- Teams must serve in order

- Cannot cross or step on the back line when serving

- You cannot touch the net (exception if the net is hit into you by a hard driven ball)

- You are allowed to set the first contact (except in BB, Can only set it if the ball is "clean")

- Need to play with your roster during playoffs- no subs

- Games are self-refed (if there are any issues Cory will be there to answer any questions)

- If a ball rolls on the court, please stop play for safety purposes and replay point

- 1 timeout is allowed per set, not to exceed 1 minute unless for injury

- If a team is needing a sub during the regular season, a team must have at least two players from the roster for the game not to be forfeited

B Rule difference

- No side setting

- No open hand tipping

BB Rule difference

- Full beach rules (block counts as one of the 3 touches)

- Hand setting called at the BB level

- Can't set first contact unless it is clean

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