Open Play

We have open play for $5 a person.  

We are implementing an age limit on when Open Play is extremely busy for safety and level of play. This will usually just be implied on Sunday's in the winter season when we are extremely busy running King/Queen style of play. The age limit will be 14 years old.

Here is the current schedule for open play for the month of January:

Day of the week Open Play Hours Restaurant Hours
Monday 3:40-5:40 PM Protein Shakes/ Snacks
Tuesday 3:40-5:40 PM Protein Shakes/ Snacks
Wednesday 3:40-5:40 PM Protein Shakes/ Snacks
Thursday Court Rentals Only Protein Shakes/ Snacks
Saturday TOURNAMENTS Times Vary
Sunday 10:00am-Noon Protein Shakes/ Snacks

We also have courts available to rent, please email or call for court rental times (

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